Long Term Care Insurance

We all plan on being healthy and happy throughout our lifetime however sometimes the aging process can prevent us from doing things that we now take for granted.  Although it can be an unpleasant thought to think about the need for Long Term Care in your future it is the reality for many people.  According to Statistics Canada by the year 2026 21% of Canada’s population will be over the age of 65.  Those aged 85 and over represent the fastest-growing segment of the senior population.  Stats Canada has projected that there will be almost 1.6 million Canadians aged 85 and over in the year 2041.
Why do YOU need LTC insurance?
People are living longer today than ever before and the trend is forecasted to continue.
Do you want your parents or your in-laws living with you in your home?
What is LTC insurance?
Long Term Care Insurance provides professional health care in the insured person’s home or in a healthcare facility when they can’t take care of themselves.  It is much less expensive to purchase LTC when you are 55-65 years of age and still in good health.  The key is you have to get it BEFORE you need it.
A growing trend:
Adult children are purchasing LTC Insurance for their parents who live a distance away from them.  With the demands of everyday living, few people are in the position to devote the hours of care each day that is required, no matter how much they love them and would like to be able to do it.