Group Benefits

Apply within 60 days of your group benefits ending, and enjoy uninterrupted health care coverage – without a medical questionnaire! With four different levels of coverage to choose from –Basic, Enhanced, Enhanced Plus and Premiere – you are certain to find the plan that meets your specific needs and budget. As long as you apply within 60 days of your group health and dental benefits ending, your acceptance is guaranteed (with receipt of first premium payment) without having to complete a medical questionnaire.

FollowMeTM Health
FollowMeTM Health allows you to continue enjoying health and dental benefits even if your employment benefits end. There’s no need to worry about interruption of coverage for you or your loved ones.

Group Life and Health Plans are available for businesses in order to assist the businesses in attracting and retaining good, reliable employees.  Please contact us at Campbell Insurance & Investments Ltd for further information.
GRRSP is currently the most popular group retirement plan used by employers to help retain employees.
The DPSP is a good way to reward key employees in a successful company.
Our goal is to help you understand where you are financially today, help you set goals for the future, and plan a way to get there. It is never too late or too early to start planning for your future! Please take a moment to download and print off our Personal Financial Planning Survey to help you help us meet your needs.