Life Insurance

Many people ask the same question: How much life insurance is enough?
A very general rule of thumb is that if you are protecting your family, you should have enough to pay off your family debts, provide burial/estate costs and replace your take home pay through your spouse’s retirement. Individual insurance is most OFTEN less expensive than insurance offered at your bank or credit union or through your employer. It does not decline with your mortgage and you control it, not the bank.
In our role as Independent Advisors representing a number of leading insurers, we have developed a criterion that we follow when selecting specific products as well as insurers that will issue your contract.
Below are some of the leading insurers in the industry that we represent:

* Manulife Financial * RBC Life Insurance
* Standard Life * Blue Cross
* Canada Life * Empire Life
* Transamerica Life * BMO Insurance
* Great West Life * Desjardins Financial
* Equitable Life * Sun Life
* AIG Life of Canada

Some things to consider:


Longevity of need

10 Year Renewable & Convertible Term

20 Year Renewable & Convertible Term

Term to 100

Whole Life

Universal Life