Financial Advising

SAVINGS!  It does not matter how much money you make…but rather how much money you save!  A general rule of thumb is to aim to save 10% of your take home pay even if you have to start at 2-3% and add 1% every time you get a raise or bonus.
Do you dislike budgeting?
An easy tip is to pay yourself first by aligning your automatic investment contributions and bill payments to your pay days.  This way the money that is left over is there for you to spend.
Some services we can assist you with include:

* Budgeting Review
* Goal Setting
* Written financial plans to achieve your goals

Our goal is to help you understand where you are financially today, help you set goals for the future, and plan a way to get there. It is never too late or too early to start planning for your future! Please take a moment to download and print off our Personal Financial Planning Survey to help you help us meet your needs.