If you retired yesterday is there any chance you would outlive your income?

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Critical Illness Insurance

How would you pay for all of your options if you suffered a critical illness last night?

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Disability Insurance

What would you do if you had an accident or sickness yesterday and could not work?

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What would your loved ones do if you died last night?

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Here are some of the leading insurers in the industry that we represent:

* Manulife Financial * RBC Life Insurance
* AIG Life of Canada * Blue Cross
* Canada Life * Empire Life
* Transamerica Life * BMO Insurance
* Great West Life * Desjardins Financial
* Equitable Life * Sun Life
* Standard Life (Now Manulife)

Here are some easy short cuts to access some of our services:

Travel Insurance Thru Cover Me
Follow Me Health
Lifecheque Basic CI

Here are some useful videos:
How Manulife One Works
Flexible Mortgage Banking

Get a handle on certain financial scenarios using these easy financial calculators.

RRSP Calculator
Net Worth Statement

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Solut!ons – Winter Edition 2015/2016

The Winter 2015/2016 edition features: taking charge of saving in your 40s; making the most of your RRSP; protecting what you work for, and more.