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Our Mission is to help you solve your future problems BEFORE they happen. We believe that life is a journey to be enjoyed and not a race to be finished.


• Your personal and business information will be kept confidential.
• Your interests are paramount.
• Each of you is an individual so you deserve an individual plan suited to your needs.
• We have no “quotas” or “goals” so we work at getting you what products are BEST for you from the best sources.

Terri L. Campbell


Terri L. Campbell

Along with my husband Michael, I have resided in Manotick since 2002. I graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work degree with Honours. I have had a successful international social work career in both New Zealand and the USA which I loved. I have enjoyed raising my three beautiful children. I consider it a blessing to be able to work alongside my father in the Financial Industry. I earned my Full Life Licence in May 2011. My involvement in the community has included serving on the Board of Directors for the Manotick Co-operative Nursery School for five years, volunteering in my children’s school, Managing my children’s hockey teams and co-ordinating the Manotick Neighbourhood Watch Program with Michael. I feel that my varied skill base serves me well in hearing what you, the client, is saying and in helping you customize and prioritize a plan to meet your changing needs.