Health & Dental Plans

If you are not covered by a group health plan or not satisfied with the health coverage you have today we can help.  We can offer you health and dental insurance from a variety of providers finding you the best coverage at the best price depending on your needs.
For more information on health and dental insurance or to purchase a plan from Manulife please follow the links below for FlexCare or contact us directly.

Now, custom-designing your health insurance plan is fast and easy with FlexCare®. It is a flexible and comprehensive health insurance plan.

If you are leaving a group plan and would like to continue to have health coverage please follow the links below to Follow Me Health from Manulife.

FollowMeTM Health
FollowMeTM Health allows you to continue enjoying health and dental benefits even if your employment benefits end. There’s no need to worry about interruption of coverage for you or your loved ones.